Hebert Trial Witness: Hebert, Lacey Yekel Together


A witness in the Christopher Hebert murder trial testified Hebert and Lacey Yekel were together on at least one occasion in June 2014, the month Yekel disappeared.

Gerald Dissottle Sr. testified Yekel and Hebert were together at his house, using cocaine during an afternoon and evening. Dissottle, who has a long criminal history, said Yekel and Hebert left together, because Yekel had promised to give Hebert a stash of guns she had as payment for cocaine.

The weapons were supposedly buried in woods behind a relative’s home.

About half an hour after they left, Dissottle said, he got an angry phone call from Hebert accusing him of taking the guns.

That was followed by a second call, in which Dissottle said he could hear Yekel saying -…

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