Man, Who Lived In Ellisburg, Faces Child Pornography Charges


A 25 year old Mexican man, who had been living Ellisburg, faces federal child pornography charges.

Anildar Valdimir Roblero-Gomez was charged in U.S. District Court in Syracuse with transportation and possession of child pornography.

Roblero-Gomez appeared in federal court Thursday. The judge ordered that he be detained pending resolution of the charges.

Roblero-Gomez is also being held on an immigration detainer as he is unlawfully present in the U.S., officials said.

In September 2018, Roblero-Gomez allegedly transported child pornography by uploading several images and videos depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct to Facebook.

Roblero-Gomez also allegedly possessed a number of graphic images and videos…

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