State To Investigate Norfolk Gas Leak


Neighbors say a site on County 49 just south of County Route 38 in the town of Norfolk has reeked of natural gas for weeks.

On Monday, 7 News sent a photo to state regulators, who said they would investigate. On Tuesday, we found an Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas construction crew there.

Neighbors say St. Lawrence Gas put up signs up more than a month ago, but it never told them why or what the danger might be.

“Are we going to blow up? I mean, I’m just really concerned about, yeah, what is going on and why isn’t it being fixed,” said Michele Krotje, O’Brien Road resident.

St. Lawrence Gas says it won’t blow up. It confirms there is a leak there in the pipeline. It may be months before a repair can be made. What people see is a…

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