The Grist Mill Restaurant Review (23 Pictures)

With the smell of snow in the air, and the snowmobile resting in the garage, I have found trail-head parking with a flair. The Grist Mill Restaurant is a truck stop that becomes a snowmobile haven in the winter. Throw in a trucker themed menu, and you have a Snowmobiler and Foodie Alert. Best yet, they have a web cam to track snowfall. With Quick Draw and the Lottery as well it doesn’t get much better.

A family style restaurant opened 24 hours a day seven days a week they are located right off Route 81 on the snowmobile trail. This extremely convenient location is a place where you can easily unload, have a great meal, and hit the trails.

The “Peterbilt” was a giant ½ pound hamburger steak served with two eggs, home fries and an English muffin. The home fries were crispy on the outside while still having a potato texture in the middle. The hamburger steak was pink in the center (a sign of fresh meat) and the eggs cooked exactly as I requested. Although I didn’t try it on this visit, they are known for the peanut butter pie. The extensive menu includes a 10 Wheeler, an 18 Wheeler and a Freightliner Fretta. They also have an array of Spuds on the menu with every imaginable topping!

With “Peg” leading the charge she was attentive, courteous and obviously in command of the front line. She complimented the feel of this truck stop diner.
The chili dog is on my radar for my next visit. Steaks are also available and pictured on this posting. The menu was extensive as were the suppliers.
Hudson Dairy supplies the ice cream with Byrne Dairy not far behind. Sysco Syracuse is also a supplier.

They are located at 3039 County Route 26, Parish, NY on Exit 33 directly off of Interstate 81. Call them at 315.625.7691

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