Wicked Bad Apple Bar and Grill Review (19 Pictures)

With the most popular choice on the menu involving a duck, and a pub offering a meal that belongs in a full scale restaurant, the Wicked Bad Apple LLC has introduced a new menu that will please every member of the family. And with their close proximate to the snow mobile trail, I see this being a favorite snowmobile stop this winter.

The Duck Bacon Wontons were a warm, crispy wonton shell filled with duck bacon, charred sweet corn and cream cheese served with a tasty dipping sauce. The sweet chili sauce provided the perfect dip and added a little more tang to this great treat.

My favorite! The Covered Gravy Burger has a rich beef taste and was loaded with fresh sauteed mushrooms and onions. The raw red onions on the side only further complimented the meal. With steak fries on the side and a container of gravy for dipping, I found the meal to have a feeling of “home cooking” The deep fried cheese cake was loaded with sugar, cinnamon and caramel. While not on the menu, they periodically rotate their dessert choices.

Another local favorite is the fish tacos. Something I’d never place on my radar, Shannon cooked some up for us to try. I think the homemade corn salsa is what made them work for me. They were loaded with grilled haddock with lettuce, cheddar cheese and a fresh avocado corn salsa with a sriracha sour cream drizzle.

Hold the golden arches on this one. Previously I had the Bad Apple Mac Attack that was served with a special sauce that I still can’t put my finger on. Its ½ pound of some of the best beef you ever have had.

Tyeshia was our server today. Having being impressed with her capability to multi task on a previous beverage only stop, we decided to return. Today we were lucky to have the owner cooking, although normally Tyeshia is the Chef and the waitress.

The specials include Taco Mondays, Wednesday wings (60 cents) and free pizza Fridays from 5-6. They also have a full service restaurant located in Cape Vincent. The @Bad Apple Bin Inn is on my radar for a summer ride on my iron horse. Best yet, they have a 9 room hotel (Memorial Day to Columbus Day).

The prime beef supplier is Renzi Foodservice (I immediately identified to Shannon the fact she was using, family owned, Schweid and Sons for her hamburgers). I eat out too often. The bakery they use is
Costanzo’s Bakeryout of Buffalo.

They are located at 6117 Blue Street in Glenfield. Reach them at 315-377-4177

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